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Below are various reasons for choosing the Social Gift Card.

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Example 1

For Mothering Sunday, I had to buy a gift for our son, who made a trip to Paris that weekend.  I sat on the bike (luckily no rain) to the intended store 2 km away, from which Mama would like a gift voucher.  First quickly searched the internet for opening times, because otherwise you just go for nothing.  Apparently more people thought of Mother's Day at the last minute, because it was a while before it was my turn.  Apparently no extra staff had been hired to get rid of the gift vouchers.

Can nothing be done about this?

Example 2

Because we knew nothing better, I bought a gift voucher for Henk at a liquor store, which we grant the turnover. Henk drinks little himself.
With NiiCO I had also given him a gift voucher without having to incur any costs (petrol 1.71) and the advice to redeem the voucher at this store.
Now this liquor store probably never sees the gift voucher again, because Henk has the option to spend with other merchants.

Example 3

Drove to Zoetermeer (unknown territory for me, but I was reasonably close) to pick up a gift voucher at a Greek restaurant in the Dorpsstraat.  The whole action was terrible, because apart from the travel time I searched for 45 minutes for a) a parking space, b) an ATM and c) the restaurant. Fortunately the parking attendants did not walk in the direction of my car when I walked back to the car. Otherwise I would have received a parking fine on my pants.
I used my IPHONE to locate an ATM and the restaurant. Unfortunately I could not use my IPHONE to pay for the parking!
I just think so: I will not be the only one who happens to this. But all in all it is not an action that can be repeated.

Example 4

I have experienced twice that gift vouchers sent by post did not arrive (?).
Once sent a gift voucher myself, of which I was told afterwards that the voucher had not arrived and once I did not receive a gift voucher, which I really can assume, that the voucher was sent.
All very annoying and the mutual relationships do no good. Certainly because the first gift voucher was sent to an employee of a customer and the second time to a child of 12. But what can you do about it. Send a gift voucher by registered mail?

Example 5

We were able to buy the gift for Iwar (13) only 4 days after his birthday, because our son, who knew about what Iwar wanted, didn't have time to go to the shop. With NiiCO, the gift had certainly arrived on time with the recommendation to visit our son's favorite store and a picture of the game we had in mind for him.

Do you also want to share your experiences with regard to giving a gift with us?

Then send your experience here . Thanks in advance.
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