De Social Card bengt op afstand mensen samen
The Social Card
at distance
people together
What is the NiiCO Social Card?
Many gift vouchers, no matter how beautiful they look, are made of paper or plastic and flyers have to be designed and printed, and sometimes delivered door-to-door.

At NiiCO we know it can be cheaper and more targeted, so we launched the Social Gift Card and the Social Discount Card (Treats). With these cards, you (shopkeeper, restaurant owner or consumer-oriented service provider) have the tools to bring your business to the attention of your existing customers and attract new customers without incurring costs.

You can best compare these cards with e-tickets for air travel or festivals. NiiCo has only tried to reconcile the useful with the pleasant by giving the cards a festive touch. It is therefore essential to use the tools offered by the Social Card to expand your clients to improve your cash position.

The big advantage of the Social Card is that it can be personalized. This does not only apply to the Social Gift Card that customers send each other, but also applies to the Treats that you offer your customers. In addition to a personal text or blog, both cards can be adorned with an  image; a self-recorded video, a video from video from YouTube or a Personal Vlog. And, this offers great opportunities to trigger your customers.

The consumer can purchase this gift card 24/7 from your website. No need to leave their home.  You can become rich while you are sleeping or on holiday.  The buyer can choose to send the card to the person for whom the gift is intended or hand over the card personally via a QR reader on a smartphone.  Imagine that your shop, restaurant or service is the center of attention in group at birthday, wedding, whatever event.  By far the most successful influencers, whom you could wish for, do the work for you.

With these Treats, as Social Discount Cards are also called, you can stand out in the mailbox of your existing customers, and they can also trigger new customers with great offers. Your existing customers can send the same offers to their friends. The awareness and reputation of your shop, restaurant or service will increase, and you will reap the necessary benefits.  No need to be afraid that you offer too many Treats, or you want to limit the number of Treats for some other reason - no problem. NiiCo only supply the number of Treats you want to offer. This is how the NiiCO Social Card kills two birds with one stone;
a) You reduce your advertising costs and,
b) you increase your customer base.

Is my company Social Card eligible?
To make sure that your company is Social Card eligible, and is able to improve your cash position, we have a few questions?  Remember: He who dares, wins.  If you want to participate in this short survey, press here.
Pros and Cons
  • You immediately have money in your account.
  • You do not have to keep records of delivered and accepted Social Cards.
  • Offering the Social Card is many times cheaper than offering traditional gift cards or flyers.
  • Because the Social Card must be spent in one go, the customer will always spend more than the amount on the Social Card.
  • For various reasons your customers also first look on the internet. They will come across your Social Gift Card, which they will receive within 10 minutes at no extra cost.
  • You can use the Social Card to attract more people to your store.
And last but not least
  • You do not need to install a complex infrastructure to run the Social Card.
Our accessibility?
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Do you want to talk to us personally? No problem. Please contact us to make an appointment.  We can be reached by WhatsAppWhatsApp_logo +31 65 437 4668 between 10:00 and 17:00 hrs.

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