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Be in Control

How do you trigger people to enter your restaurant,
who are hesitating in front of your door?

It is without a doubt one of the biggest annoyances in the catering industry:  People standing at your door and walking through for no apparent reason.  You wonder how you can stimulate this people so they enter your restaurant.

Below we show you how you can adjust this thought!
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Potential guests first want to know what your restaurant has to offer and what it costs.
How can you trigger this people so they can't resist the temptation to go in.  Of course without this at the expense of your wallet.  In fact, you even earn extra!

The Be Welcome Voucher is a unique gadget,  that is offered perfectly timed. (See: How do you circulate Be Welcome Voucher?)  Because almost everyone who gets a nice discount from a restaurant,  that they are already looking to visit, grab this opportunity.  After all, this voucher is a one-off and then thoughts of 'now or never' and 'worth a try' consciously or unconsciously play a role.

Apart from the Be Welcome Earn Model, people who have booked a nice benefit,  often out more than they intended.  So everybody is happy.  You have satisfied guests and your guests a pleasant experience.

Pros and Cons
  • With the Be Welcome you encourage people to eat out in your restaurant
  • The Be Welcome informs you about what is going on with your guests
  • We offer you the option of: No Cure No Pay
And last but not least
  • Because of this sympathetic gesture, there is a good chance that Be Welcome guests will come back
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