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1. Definitions

The following entities are used in this disclaimer:

as an intermediary between applicant (s) and consumer, is the issuer of the Be Welcome Voucher, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 27095087 under the name Henk Spaans Productions.

all NiiCO webpages, which run from the domain names and (© NiiCO).

2. Applicability

This Disclaimer applies to every visit to the website (© NiiCO), where NiiCO acts as an intermediary. By consulting and using the website, every visitor is deemed to have tacitly accepted the General Terms and Conditions of the website.
NiiCO may amend or change this disclaimer at any time without prior notice.

If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or come into conflict in whole or in part with any legal provision or are null and void or destroyed, the other provisions will remain in full force and the parties will make an arrangement instead, that is closest in scope and operation with the invalid / nullified provisions.

3. Aansprakelijkheid

NiiCO takes the greatest possible care to ensure the reliability and topicality of the information on the website.
Inaccuracies and / or incompleteness can however occur. NiiCO is not liable for damage as a result of inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information provided, nor for damage resulting from problems caused by or inherent to the distribution of information via the internet, such as malfunctions or interruptions of or errors or delays in the provision of information, services or products by NiiCO or by a visitor to NiiCO through the NiiCO website or otherwise electronically.
NiiCO also accepts no liability for any damage suffered as a result of the use of data, advice or ideas provided by or on behalf of NiiCO via the website.
NiiCO accepts no responsibility for the content of websites to which or from which reference is made by hyperlink or otherwise.

If information on the website is also provided in writing, the written version will be decisive in the event of textual differences. Henk Spaans Productions does not guarantee that e-mails or other electronic messages sent to it will be received and processed on time and accepts no liability for the consequences of non-receipt or late receipt or processing thereof.

4. Equipment

NiiCO accepts no liability for damage to the equipment of the visitor through the use or visit of the website.
The visitor is responsible for the purchase of adequate software and hardware, connections and connections necessary for use and visit of the website.

5. Intellectual Property Declaration

The information, text, images, photos, illustrations and videos on this website and the design of this website ('the data'), in which substantial investments have been made, are protected under the Copyright Act, the Database Act and other applicable legislation. legal exceptions may not be reproduced (including 'framing'), made available to third parties or made public without the prior permission of NiiCO or is controlled by NiiCO from the website.
Requesting and viewing the data and making prints for your own individual use is permitted within the limits specified in the applicable legislation.
The prior permission of NiiCO is required for setting up a hyperlink to (any page of) this website. This is usually given, unless the content, appearance or reputation of the guest site is in the opinion of NiiCO poorly compatible with the name and reputation of Henk Spaans Productions, its services and products or the content of its website. The word and figurative marks on this website belong to NiiCO and its licensors. It is not permitted to place one or more of these brands and logos on your own site or to use it in any other way without prior permission from Henk Spaans Productions or the relevant licensor.

6. Cookies Strategy

This website only uses cookies, which are necessary for the website to function properly and cookies to serve the user. These cookies are automatically enabled when you visit the website.

7. Legal and forum choice

  1. Any disputes must in the first instance be resolved by the parties being the issuer and / or the recipient and / or the acceptor or through the intervention of NiiCO.
  2. These terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
  3. In case of bankruptcy of the acceptor, the agreement with NiiCO will be automatically dissolved.

8. Uploads and content Social Card

  1. NiiCO accepts no copyright responsibility for the images or videos that are uploaded and used for the Be Welcome Voucher.
  2. NiiCO accepts no responsibility if images or videos are linked and displayed to another Be Welcome Voucher than intended.
  3. NiiCO accepts no responsibility if images or videos are not linked to the Be Welcome Voucher for which they are intended.
  4. In exchange for this free service, NiiCO hereby claims the right to use images or videos for advertising purposes.
  5. The customer is fully aware that videos and photos sent with the Be Welcome Voucher can go viral.
  6. NiiCO does not accept any responsibility if a video or photo has gone viral.
  7. NiiCO reserves the right to change the content of the Social Card without giving any reason.

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