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Why the Be Welcome Voucher?

A good website is user-friendly. The ideal website motivates.
With the Be Welcome Voucher you stimulate people to eat out with you.  People who are looking for a restaurant or possibly a permanent spot and who are at your door or look at your website,  have to be very firm in their shoes to ignore this invitation.

Thanks to this one-time gesture, they acquire a reliable impression of your restaurant and what you serve at an attractive price.  In addition, these people will tell you anonymously through which communication channel they came to you and how they experienced the visit,  so that you know exactly how customers view your restaurant in general, your service and price/quality ratio in particular.

Is your brand awareness and customer satisfaction 'in control'?

Every entrepreneur would like to have an answer to these questions.  And that answer can only come from your guests.  They receive two short surveys per Be Welcome Voucher.  One when they apply for the voucher online and one after they have submitted the voucher to you, because you can't improve anything unless you know it.

The first survey examines your brand awareness and what prompted the new guests to go especially for your restaurant?  This must show whether investments to increase brand awareness are still justified?  Is your restaurant sufficiently visible when people walk by or should you be more clearly present in search engines on the internet.

The second survey gives you information about the customer satisfaction of your restaurant visit.  Do you have to wait a long time for drinks, is the service correct, is the price-quality ratio balanced?  Sometimes small adjustments have far-reaching consequences, which you will undoubtedly see in the turnover.
The most important thing is that you get all the good and bad points on your dashboard.

Each restaurant is unique. You know that better than anyone.  Therefore, in addition to the pre-programmed questions, you can also compile your own surveys with questions that are of interest to you.
Because measuring is knowing.

Pros and Cons
  • With the Be Welcome you stimulate people to eat out in your restaurant
  • The Be Welcome informs you about what is going on with your guests
  • You do not need to keep records of delivered and accepted vouchers
  • The Be Welcome Voucher is more effective and therefore cheaper than their paper counterpart
And last but not least
  • By this sympathetic gesture there is a good chance that your guests will come back
    and that is the ultimate intention
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